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conduits of communication

This morning I was part of an online group discussion where this term was used. It struck me as particularly apt for what we as artists need to be in these isolated and uncertain times. The question, it was asked, is how are we to be this? More especially, how can we as artists reach those most vulnerable? Those living in the rural areas, those that live quite remotely? As offline seems to be switching to online at the rapid pace that it is, how do those without computer access / without data connect to this shift? There are no real answers to these real questions at this time ...

But the term - in itself - got me thinking. What does art mean in these times? Or, perhaps more importantly, what does my own art bring to the table? How can my art-making impact on a disrupted world? This prompted me to consider what disruption is: what if an even greater disruption was life pre-CORONA? We have, at least, stopped. We are, hopefully, starting to re-assess and reflect beyond the anxiety. We are, as one participant stated, simply longing to touch and just hug another human being. Just plugging in to what humanness might be about : communicating.

I am mindful of my art at this point, but in some way I am simply continuing my process as I have been doing. My work is about inter-connectedness, it is about connectivity, it is about deep-listening. Perhaps I have been a conduit of communication all along. I would like to think so even as I collaborate with composer / conductor Franco Prinsloo on a project entitled Music for Isolated Musicians. Franco is creating a solo piece a day to connect musicians (creatives) across the globe and I am re-interpreting the performed pieces into gestural drawings. I would like to believe that we are reaching out as far as we possibly are able to at this point. .

I have created a dedicated page -21 days - for this project on my website which will update daily so that you can view the process as it unfolds. I hope you will follow and interact with us!

Photography / videography by @MyMalaika_Photography

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