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Traces of Sound

My work is often made in response to my immediate sonic environment, asking myself what sound would look like if my body became the transducer? 


I frequently capture sounds I encounter in my daily life, allowing all sonic experiences to inform me. This could include the environmental sounds I hear on my early morning walks along a river or the constant drone of a shopping mall. Typically, I will re-listen to the recorded sounds a week of two later when I have ‘forgotten’ my direct association to them. This allows me to listen more deeply as I draw the sounds, sometimes using multiple pens or pencils in my hand simultaneously. 


I allow myself to be guided by what I am hearing, translating the sounds through my body by way of gesture. I am mindful not to read or interpret them in any way, as the image is not about something but rather the output of a deep sensory experience. Mostly, the image consists of a multitude of moving lines that might interpret frequency, tone, volume or intensity.


In a broader sense, deep listening is a conscientious attempt on my part to create new meaning as we become increasingly separated from the source of our natural sonic environment.

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