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Traces of Movement


My work relating to movement extends itself quite broadly.

I imagine the traces and patterning between human connections. This may unfold to include the conversational movement between two of more people as they engage through language or gesture. I may draw movements made by athletes playing team sports as I am interested

in tracing the interconnectedness between them. It could encompass tracing the movement of my own inner thoughts or capturing the moving shadows on the surface of a wall or curtain. With movement, comes patterning. 


The flux of movement prompts me to ask whether various situations would reveal vastly different trace patterns or not? Would the traces made by my thoughts differ considerably from those made by tracing my saccadic

eye movements as I either think or look at the same object? Sometimes blindfolding myself in order not to

see, I allow my gestural drawing to reveal the traces of these movements, asking myself how they would present through the simulation of my body?


At times my gestural traces may reveal complex, dense line work with a sense of layering but may well unveil the fragility of a singular trace. In a broader sense, these traces of movement point towards the fragility of what it means to be human.

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