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posthuman is a joint work between award winning composer/musician Franco Prinsloo and visual artist Sonya Rademeyer.


The project was created within the confines of the lockdown and across geographical distance, challenging traditional methods of creating. Having done collaborative work before, both artist and musician were able to respond and interpret one another’s work in a way that oscillates collectively, making it in itself a ‘dance for two’ (pas de deux.) The musical composition of the same title ‘Pas de Deux’ from the album Sunnyside Suite, explores the idea of intersections as a place of flux where different roads both meet and part. The composition is not only incredibly well suited to the video footage that examines a post-human topography, but also in the way that the video echoes the musical idea of intersection at a metaphorical level. The joint-work therefore questions whether humankind finds itself as a cross road where certain choices need to be made.

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