The entry point to my mark making lies in my everyday experience. These marks I interpret as imaginary traces that reflect the fragility of both human and environmental interconnectedness. Although I constantly see traces around me, the experience of absorbing these traces is not so much a visual experience as it is a physical process. Seeing is more a cyclical slippage between the reception of absorbing external traces and the inner resonance I feel inside my body. 


This cyclical mode of seeing is a relational way of looking at the world known as embodied empathy. Directly connected to having been an ICU nurse for many years, embodied empathy enables me to continuously capture miniscule details and to read beyond the obvious visible surface. In exploring the traces of sound and movement in my work, I move beyond the surface area as I allow my body to become the transducer of my experience. I view the automatic, gestural output of my work as a direct reflection of the embodied simulation of empathy taking place.


I visualize traces in order to understand human fragility on a larger, social scale. If fragility is shared collectively, can it connect us ..?