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The 2018 OtherLands /OtherSounds [OLOS] Residency was held is Góis (Portugal), comprised of both visual artists and musicians. 


Hosted in a historical school building, all artists would start their day with an embodied sound and movement session with musician/singer, Kate Smith. These embodied movement sessions were quite challenging at times yet dually created an energetic release and grounding of creative energy in a way I had not previously experienced. I found that strengthening the body in this way also strengthened my creative thinking.


Another central activity to the residency was the spontaneous creations of “Happenings”. Some happenings were hilarious that managed to released inhibited energy in a free way, whilst other happenings could be quite challenging in performing. Although I felt quite uncomfortable at times - as I am an introvert - it most certainly pushed my boundaries. Most of the happenings have re-surfaced in my thinking further on.


The natural beauty of Góis and surroundings certainly contributed to the enjoyment of the residency, as did the hospitality of the towns people. I felt healthy and fit after completing the OLOS Residency, and left with some very clear goals for leading a more balanced creative life.


Under the mentorship of musician Filipe Sousa (Portugal) and artist/art-therapist, Beatriz Martinez, I most certainly expanded my creative Self.

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