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"Everything is Mycelium. Much like our nerves … they resemble the same networks even. We are receptive to Mycelium. It's how we feel and exchange with nature our connection."

-Q7 Beckett

San vibrational healer


In the collaborative project, Kagiso Kekana and Sonya Rademeyer explore how Mycelium - as metaphor for interconnectedness - might contribute to cultural healing within South Africa, through artistic practice.


We are particularly interested in listening to indigenous and traditional African healers to learn new ways of looking at Mycelium in relation to interconnectedness, and how such a re-looking might inform our Creative Output Sound and Soil. The Creative Output will reflect the interconnected fabric of the research, as we re-imagine Mycelium as the connecting matrix to culture, and indigenous and traditional African healing practices as the knowledge system that nourishes culture (Osmond). 


Sound and Soil will take the form of an experimental collaborative performance which will include the weaving of all indigenous and traditional African healers’ offerings. Also collaborating will be Nama dancers from Steinkopf who will perform with us in a site-specific installation created from sourced and found objects from Steinkopf. The performative space, imagined outdoors in the arid landscape of the Northern Cape, will include video projections of Mycelium and other botanical illustrations.


The live performance is scheduled to take place in Steinkopf, Northern Cape, in May 2023.

For more information visit the Sound and Soil website.

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