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Deep-Listening. Sound. Soil.

There are certain happenings. processes and places that leave me without the words to convey experiences, whilst really wanting to share them. Being here, in the far Northern Cape with Sound and Soil with a number of collaborators and healers, is such a place. Being here is not only being physically present. In fact, this might constitute the smallest part of being at the foot of the Kamies Mountain range. Here, amongst the granite boulders that call up the Matapos for me, I am again that young girl aware of a much greater history, aware of a much greater spiritual force, moving around with the awareness that there are many, many deeper and more ancient connections than are visible at human level.

The granite boulders of the Matopos hills constitute a significant part of my earliest childhood memories, echoed in the words of my sister who has asked me to think of her here - of us as children - whilst being here now. She has asked that I honour those deep and collective memories by taking the time, somewhere, on these rocks at Jakkalswater, to take her in my dreams to that place without words.

This collective memory, that runs both deeply and consistently within both of us, although known to us both, is never spoken about. It is like being here, amongst the ancients, where the human way of conversing holds no place. Holds no water, unless you are the wild jackals that roamed this land to drink water at the mountain streams of this place which is now in close proximity to the copper mine of Namabeep.

I have already said much, but perhaps also too little, for you to understand what it is like to be here. Some things can only be conveyed in spirit, and will not allow the restrictions of human language ... a construct. No, communication in this part of the world happens from the soil, through sound and is only heard by those that are deep-listening.

Jakkalswater rock mountain


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