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The Afrikaans word Kolskoot translates to 'Bull's eye'. Yet, at least for me, there is a far layered understanding to Kolskoot than meets the mind. Where 'bull's eye' could be considered a word that denotes a successful and completed action, Kolskoot indicates a far more emotive process. It hints at a long[er] journey that might possibly have required a considered amount of physical, emotional and even spiritual effort. The attainment of the projected goal, once reached, indicates emotions of delight, pleasure and elation. This is how I felt when the only show I selected seeing at the 2020 Woordfees won both Best Production and best Contemporary Music at the festival. In other words: Kolskoot!

The Poet: wie is hy (The Poet: who is he) was a remarkable experience. It explored the work of South African writer / poet Adam Small (1936 - 2016) through the brilliance of Dean Balie and Die Khoisan Gypsy Band consisting of Frazer Berry,  Garth Erasmus, Leon Ecroignard,  Collin “The Bushman” Meyer & Ulric “Namasun” Roberts. Playing on over 30 instruments - many of them self-produced - the sonic landscape was colourful, diverse and hallucinogenic. Sitting on the cheapest sears with the best view I let go of all possible control as I drew in the dark. Recalling very little of when I decided to start or finish the drawings, I created a short series of nine drawings which I have titled The Poet Series. It could be said that my body translated the sonic sounds into values of mark-making.

I hold The Poet Series in high regard simply for being honest work. But then, how could it not be if the text was raw and painfully descriptive of life under Apartheid and the music vibrantly authentic?

Image depicting Dean Balie enacting Adam Small's work & artist / musician Garth Erasmus

Photo credit: Terence Visagie

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