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the performance of drawing

There seems to be an increasing interest in live drawing, as performance. Perhaps this is linked to a general increase in performance art, but I find it interesting that live drawing is being re-visited. It makes me wonder whether there is a need to connect to the body, to corporeality within our digital worlds. There is authenticity in what the body creates. . . after all, the body doesn't lie.

I know that when I do live drawing performances there is a connectivity that defies language. It is a speak of the body, and one which will only operate if my intentions are in line with my spirit. Pushing thinking completely to the side will enhance the performative side of the drawing experience, but it is listening - deep listening - that will connect the sound-to-body happening.

When I recently performed in London as part the Stroud Green Festival I did a live drawing performance with three highly talented musicians who played compositions of the 17th century composer Elisabeth Jacquet de la Guerre. Chloe Lam who I have collaborated with before in Portugal (2018) was the Baroque singer, Harry Buckoke played the viola da gamba and Marta López played the harpsichord. Having the opportunity to respond to Baroque music in the St Saviour's gothic architecture was an opportunity that physically moved me to tears! As I was drawing, with my back turned to the musicians, I could feel the vibrations through my body. At times I felt it was channeled drawing, as though I was connecting to the primal reality of the quantum vacuum 'the energy-and information-filled plenum that underlies our universe, and all universes in the Metaverse' (Lazlo, E 2004: 140). Put differently, I was vibrating along with the essence of Creation! Not all drawing performances are like this of course, but there is something to be said about sonic vibrations that are able to transport. Just think about music that really touches your most inner being, and the effect thereof.

Ancient music does this to me, as does dissonant sound. And then there is the sound of language: coming from the body, identifying the body, of which I may have no cognitive understanding, but which resounds within me.

Echoing deep within my unconscious-self from a time before perhaps..

Drawing (detail) of one of the four colours I drew in.

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