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'The mind, once expanded to the dimensions of larger ideas, never returns to its original size.'

- Oliver Wendell Holmes -

I received this quote from a friend of mine today who said that it reminded her of me. In my books, quite a compliment. The words have been lazily rolling around in my head for most of the day, wondering where such expansion might take me over time. I have been imagining Space Time where expansion inevitably happens , ever-expanding.

But growth, in a personal sense, doesn't just happen automatically. It requires focus and dedication, self belief and requires passion as its driving force. It has taken me many years to find this space. Having found it, I know that I cannot return to where I was before. I cannot go back to 'the original size' simply because I wouldn't fit into it again. I am now unable to fit into self doubt, insecurity, depression, anxiety, helplessness and despair. How and when did this happen? I find myself unable to pin-point the transition from one dimension to the other. In some way this worries me for not having noticed such a pivotal shift, but such a worry fleetingly leaves me as I find myself rather pondering about a a concept or an idea for a new artwork. It's a blissful feeling, and I am deeply grateful.

Connecting to my potential - coupled with the belief of achieving that potential - has become my new original size. Having this attitude and approach has opened up new opportunities and growth experiences as never before. Along this journey I have been fortunate to have met some amazing creatives who have been exceptionally giving. Just recently I did a bootcamp with Sergio & Yanina Gomez of theartistnextlevel which has opened old doors in new ways for me. Genuinely caring, empathic individuals who are dedicated to helping creatives fast-track their journeys. I feel blessed for their input and look forward to growing with them as I keep on expanding to greater dimensions!

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