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quantum empathy

I am excited to have discovered a joint theory of consciousness known as the Orch OR theory (orchestrated objective reduction) by mathematician physicist Sir Roger Penrose and Stuart Hameroff, MD of the Center for Consciousness Studies (The University of Arizona, Tuscon). Their discovery is the existence of quantum vibrations in 'microtubules' inside brain neurons. Put very simply, consciousness happens at quantum level through quantum vibrations. Could this apply to empathy ..?

What might empathy look like if one could see it at a vibrational level?I have always imagined it as an invisible, chaotic state which is forever in flux. It can be felt, but not seen. Perhaps empathy is similarly transduced through neuronal microtubules as vibrations at quantum level. Perhaps this is why I - intuitively - draw the traces of sound or movement which may point towards this. The place of the in-between.

Most of this week I am spending sitting around a large table with other interesting creatives as we learn more about owning our mark-making. At times we engage in playful activities to re-energize ourselves. Yesterday we performed a play-piece where in close proximity to one another we engaged through sound and movement ... I was extremely aware of the dancer to my right and how the exchange between us was not due to the passing of the objects we were requested to pass along, but rather an invisible exchange of energy.

Might this be the the vibrations of empathy at quantum level?

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