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the in-between

It has taken me quite a number of years to grasp the space of the in-between. For Emma McNully (UK), an autodidactic artist whose work I greatly admire, the in-between is a cyclical slippage between what is and what lies beyond it. For me it is the space between self and Other. This interstitial space is where intentionality moves, preparing the way for empathy's paths of probability which, although invisible and fragile, can create the much needed connectedness between all living matter. I am unsure whether I am able to adequately express this specific space, but perhaps the following example might help ...

Whilst listening to the 4th UniSA Nelson Mandela Lecture at University of South Australia given by architect Eyal Weizman of Forensic Architecture (UK), he spoke about the complications around having to locate and measure the official dividing line between Jerusalem & Palestine in the ancient city. Not only was this an impossibility as some buildings were simply built over and beyond what was perceived to be the dividing line, but the architectural team themselves had to make some sense out of the experience. What was particularly interesting to me was the question posed by Weizman: 'Who owns the thickness of the line...?' As the original division between politicians had been the physical drawing in of a line through the ancient city's map which a pen, some areas of the line were invariably thicker in some places. Hence Weizman's question, which was later translated into an exhibition that played with the idea of the potentiality of this physical 'middle' space and what might all fit into it.

The visualisation of this interstitual space prompted me to consider that the in-between space of empathy - between self and Other - is much like this. In many ways it is also a no-mans land, filled with potentiality. To utilise this space deep-listening it required to achieve 'transformative consciousness of self and world' as JoAnne C. Juett has written of Pauline Olivero's approach to Deep Listening and Quantum Sound.

I think that much of my work has been about this space, although I may only just be starting to understand this now.

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