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As a child I learnt to play the clarinet & the piano, later entering university to study music. I can distinctly remember the first day I entered the universities' music department where dissonant sounds welcomed me. In that moment I felt I was experiencing sound as it was meant to be: disconnected to pitch or rhythm ... sound for sound's sake. This moment was monumental for me as I felt that which I had always sensed about sound was indeed a possibility.

The recent discovery of the sonic explorations of Pauline Oliveros has re-opened this dimension for me again. Certainly, I have been feeling my way around sound and what particular meaning it holds for me since 2016, revealing itself far more present than I ever imagined it to be. In many ways I thought I had 'lost' my pull towards Sound, or visa versa, when in fact it was merely waiting for me to re-connect to its value and importance both in my life and in my art-making.

I have entered the field of sound consciousness again.

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