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I attended Anastasia Pather's Pretty Face opening exhibition at Loop 99 during the week. I was excited to meet her again with the added benefit of meeting three other artists all of whom I had participated with at OPENLab 2018 earlier this year, Ana being one of them. What I found interesting, other than her work on love and camouflage, was the fact that I heard myself telling my story of intersections. Not naming it as such, I was however explaining the feeling I have recently become aware of, which is how a situation (be it a book, a person or an actual event) can seemingly alter one's navigational direction.

I have been very aware of the idea of intersections for quite some while. And, perhaps because of this, I have been noticing intersections in not only my work but also in what I've been reading and people I have been meeting. I may even have developed a heightened sense of recognizing intersections and what they might possibly mean in a larger sense. I write of this because I feel that I have been changed. This comes, I think, from being open to experiencing what has come my way.

Initially approaching the reading material for an artwork as research, I soon started realizing that the literature of the KhoiSan was actually affecting me. This was not only a physical experience - where my sleep and eating patterns became disturbed - but particularly on an energetic level for which I eventually sought advise. This then, the first intersection. The energy healer was - at that time - reading Sylvia Vollenhoven's The Keeper of the Kumm and, after telling me a bit about it, I bought and read. Second intersection. I ended up contacting Sylvia who might be opening my exhibition early 2019. Third intersection. Today I contacted composer Franco Prinsloo who has done incredible work with and around the San's belief system of 'Die Gebreekte Snaar' (The Broken String in Afrikaans). We meet in two weeks time. Fourth intersection ...

I am almost shaken by these experiences. They are all deeply connected to one another, and I know that I am in the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing.

My own intersection.

drawing intersections & searching for music

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