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You are your possibility

‘You are not your circumstance. You are your possibility.’

Unfortunately, I cannot remember who to credit for this quote that I read quite recently but it really struck me as being quite profound. I vaguely recall that it was a recollection by a person referencing his mother and what truths she had left him with.

When playing word games, invariably the question will come up: “What’s your favourite word?” My answer to this is always to say that the word ‘possibly’ is by far the most intriguing of all. Why? Because it holds potential. Because it speaks to depth but also width and expanded perspective. It indicates what it yet to be discovered and unearthed. Visually, I see it as the ever-expanding water rings created from a pebble thrown into still water. Or like never ending sound waves that expand exponentially. ‘Possibility’ is key to imaginative growth on so many invisible levels ..

Perhaps these new strange times have highlighted this for me, more so than ever before. And I think the reason for this is because there has been a breakdown of historical constructs and archaic ways of doing things. Take listening, for example. I am, by my very nature, acutely aware of what I hear and listen to. One could rightfully classify me as audio sensitive. Having sat in on a multitude of ZOOM meetings, as most have been doing, I have noticed without fail how the possibility of listening has changed. The platform requires that all must duly listen to whoever might be speaking and there are little, if any, interruptions. Listening is slowed down because of the circumstance of ZOOM but the listening possibility has augmented in the process.

I have experienced the new on-line ‘normal’ as daunting and invasive at times, but at the same time it has exploded into a plethora of opportunities offering possibilities not previously available to all.

And even though I am not my circumstance as a not-so-tech person, I am the possibility of it!

photo credit: Jemima Kola

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