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Updated: Jan 13, 2020

I am returning to kindness

a place where I am strong in my softness

I will start by kissing all of my scars

and washing them in rain

collecting dust from long journeys off my feet.

The way they carry weariness

from crossing rivers that should have had bridges.

I will return to build crossing paths over waters

that reminded me to be kind.

by TapiwaNashe Mugabe

I am very aware of kindness. But coming across the work of Zimbabwean born, UK based Tapiwa Mugabe's poem this week really made me stop. It made me think visually about kindness, not just feel it. The act of kissing scars, crossing rivers, dusting off feet, washing in the rain opened up a new avenue of grasping this very vital human quality. I have gone to sleep thinking about it, and woken up thinking some more. I have dreamt more. And as I have pondered about it I have been met with even more kindness.

I thank you.

#TapiwaMugabe #kindness #scars #touch

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